Sunday, 10 May 2015

Project: Cyberchickens

Think Foghorn Leghorn with a laser gun, jet pack and visor

You're an elite soldier on one side of a galactic war. You have the highest clearance to the most advanced and destructive equipment ever designed. You fight for the survival of your home-world and the good of all civilisation. 

You are also a cybernetic chicken.

The galaxy was very different a long time ago. The galactic corporations spread across the star systems at the dawn of a new cyber-age, and there became enough of everything for everyone. There was no war. There was no poverty. It was an ephemeral peace.

New technologies quickly developed in competition with other worlds. Powers and politics blurred under the rapid galactic expansion. Economies muddled and it became impossible to negotiate. And then, we ran out of F.E.E.D.

Food & Energy for Ecological Development. It had become a catch-all term to describe the resources that had become necessary after domesticating atomic synthesis. F.E.E.D was until, very suddenly, an expendable commodity.

Though it was a resource everyone relied upon, because of the way in which corporations had originally explored the galaxy, very few had ownership of it. This made those corporations, and the chicken that ran them, very, very rich indeed.

For the last one hundred years the galactic peacekeepers have fought to protect the remaining F.E.E.D. and distribute it under the rule of the ancient corporations. The distribution is regulated, taxed, bureaucratic and wrapped up in so much red holotape you'll think it's a birthday egg.

Whether it was down to personal greed or an error in the drive, the systems on the edge of the galaxy did not receive enough F.E.E.D.

For the last one hundred years the border alliance have fought to liberate the remaining F.E.E.D and distribute it under the rule of an inter-planetary council. Their distribution will be democratic, flexible, untested and at the whims of the most influential warlords.

Across the galaxy they fight. Cybernetic chickens fighting in the midst of galactic disaster.

"Buck, Buck, Die." - Captain, Starbeak, Prime Officer of the 1st Elite "Hot Wings" Sky Rangers

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