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Review : Libertalia

When I'm captain of a pirate ship I don't plan to have any monkeys, beggars or Spanish governors on board. Perhaps, however, that's why I'm not the captain of a pirate ship.

Libertalia is a brutal game of outmaneuvering your friends by pushing your hand of brigands into the meat grinder at just the right moment. From head-scratching agony to blusterous bravado, Libertalia has you walk the plank in search of buried treasure.

These pirate puns doing anything for ya?

Review : Chinatown

After playing Chinatown I realised there's not much to becoming a business mogul in 1980 - all you need are a few spare tropical fish from your cousin Len, a seafood counter from Kim and 6000 square feet of factory space. That's not considering all you have to do to your friends - which will be few after you've played this game. 

Nah, I'm kidding - you'll get along just like the Goodfellas.

This is a family-friendly game of negotiation and making profit but underneath it's delicious aroma hides a very different, desperate game.

Chinatown has a great theme, simplicity and pace - one that is both colourful and exotic in comparison to the boring grey-brown world of property development - but is it worth getting out of the box to play when there have been so many more games since it was published in 1999? 

And can we order takeway tonight?

Review : Cosmic Encounter

Choose your destiny, point the warp gate, send in your fleets, shake hands, lie to each other and take your opponents stuff. 

It didn't take much to decide on a review of Cosmic Encounter. From playing with the little ships to flicking through the gigantic pile of player races my sci-fi bone resonated with joy.

This is a very popular game which is as likely to go out of print as the bible - and It's understandable! It's got very simple mechanics with tonnes of variety but does that make a good game? You want your knickerbocker glory to look colourful and fancy - but on digging it might just be a load of cack.

Review : Space Hulk: Death Angel

As the dusk falls in around London the Space Marines march aboard the desolate space hulk in faith they'll be back by lunch. But before a single plated boot crosses the threshold of the airlock bulkhead, swarms of bloodthirsty aliens pour through the walls - awoken by Sergeant Lorenzo's chant of protection no doubt.

Co-operative games can be as forgetable as... that thing... but when all your assets are lined up on the table and nasty aliens are cuing at the tableside for the juicest side of space-beef, the tension is on straight away.

I didn't expect to survive any game of Death Angel (without some solo-play rule-fudging) but does that make it a bad game? Does it matter that a team of battle-hardened super-soldiers can ofteb be closely compared to
 an extremely intimidating buffet? Probably not.

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