Off the Table doesn't want to sell you anything - just help you spend money other people's stuff. Like a really terrible salesperson that goes home at night feeling like they've done a good job.

Originally founded on board game design, we currently spend a lot of time reviewing anything vaguely nerd-cult that we can get our hands on. If we can't film it, we type it.

As for the board games; we aim to bring exciting, challenging games to people who want replayability and a sense of freedom. It's about that niche between board game and roleplaying game that we really want to tap.

Hopefully our characters are memorable and our worlds are vibrant. Every game should have the potential to be tell it's own story that players are a vital part of. 

If this sounds cheesy; it is, but we hope to produce something memorable to further encourage the world of gaming.

Attempting to breach the world of science and literature is;

Ben Stroud : @benstroud26
Founder. Blogobot. Videographer.

This aggressive looking individual is Ben Stroud; the only person who pretends he's part of Off the Table.

More than most things in life - he enjoys making games and talking about them. He pretends other people, such as his wife and friends (one such creature shown mid-munch in the background), are part of OtT but they, in fact, have more important things to do.

If you'd like to contribute or learn more about Off the Table; please email us here

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